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Official recognition by accreditation bodies is an extremely important prerequisite for the operation of any institution of higher education. Without the required accreditation, the institution may not be allowed to commence instruction. Moreover, diplomas from non-accredited institutions are worthless for the graduates from those institutions. Occasionally, accreditation requirements change and the institution must react to those changes in order to maintain the accreditation status. For example, the ECFMG in the US announced that from 2023 on all graduates of international medical schools who wish to do postgraduate training in the US must have graduated from a regional accredited medical school. In the Caribbean region, the sole WFME approved and ECFMG recognized accreditation body is CAAM-HP. This mandates for Caribbean medical schools that no later than 2022 they must obtain accreditation by CAAM-HP before their graduates will be allowed to commence postgraduate training in the US. Additional accreditations by individual states in the US may apply for clinical science education of students prior to graduation.


Whatever specific accreditation your institution may need, we are your partner when it comes to accreditations. Currently we focus on the following types of accreditation listed below. Your specific accreditation is not listed? Please contact us to discuss the particular accreditation your institution needs.


  • Regional (CAAM-HP for Caribbean medical schools)

  • Individual states in the US (New York, California, etc.)